keeping busy

I woke up this morning a bit beside myself. I did not immediately realize what was wrong, but it latter became clear to me that i simply could not get my brain started. I am perhaps a bit under the weather; that would be a cause, but no good excuse. I spent most of the day trying to get myself to do something with only moderate and patchy success. This is certainly not the first time i have encountered this problem but i have yet to hit on an ideal solution. Today i only managed to break out of it once i told myself to just think about my currently favorite philosophical idea (namely about how to define the New Ethic in Kantian terms). This did jump start my brain and got me thinking enough different thoughts that i can now vigorously set off down the road, following any number of them and be sure to arrive at an interesting and productive activity (ie one of the books i must read for my thesis).
If, however, i indulge too often in this strategy (“just do something interesting, however unproductive”), i tend to find myself doing interesting but unproductive things all day long and certainly never get 8 hours of thesis-work done. I perhaps need to jump onto a productive activity as soon as my mind shifts back into gear. Now if only i could remember to remember…

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