day of rest

It is important, i believe, to keep at least one day of the week free of one’s usual types of work. Not working does not seem to be so much the key to a successful ‘sunday’ as not doing the types of things you do during the week, or at least not having a fixed schedule of how much needs to get done. I have always, rather than forbid myself any work, simply let myself do whatever i felt like doing (even if it was doing whatever i had been doing the day before) – but always under the proviso that i didn’t have to, that i could stop at any point and that i needn’t finish. “It’s ok to not do anything because today’s Sunday” i will often explicitly remind myself.

This one day a week of non-stress (rather than ‘complete rest’ as the Old Testament requires) works both forwards and backwards, giving me the courage to work hard during the week because i can relax on sunday but also energizing me on sunday for the coming week, knowing that i will be well rested after today (sunday).

The benefits of a day of rest are well known. However, they are also easily forgotten, hence this post.

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