Goals are dangerous items in one’s ethical environment. They are at sometimes very important, necessary and beneficial. However, they can also be at times stifling and unproductive. A goal can provide meaning, but setting a goal for one’s life can be exhausting and is often downright impossible.

I have recently given up trying to set a goal for my life, and am the better for it. I used to always try to have a final goal in life, even if it constantly changed as the hours wore on. However, whenever my life suddenly changed enough that my current goal no longer matched up with my surroundings, i was thrown into existential angst until i could formulate a replacement goal.

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  1. Commenting on goals in general or more exactly on dealing with troublesome goals… Have you ever considered reading about final fictional goals? Alfred Adler might give you some insights as to why; people are innately programmed to make sense of the (or their) world. The idea of having a vision for our life seems to give it direction and somehow miraculously intertwines the various different aspects into a tight package that makes sense when we look back on all that we have accomplished. If the pattern can be revealed than it gives us direction and comfort for moving forward towards the unmanned goal that we so desperately want to attain.

  2. Yes, Kant also belives that we necessarily try to make sense of the world through some kind of unity of thought. However, this seems to have become very difficult in our day and age for two reasons: first, our goals can change so often that we never have enough time to enjoy the established direction before it changes. Second, the first point probably results from the fact that we actually have more than one (contradictory) goal.

    I think the solution must be to try and manage our multiple goals and stop trying to find one to rule them all. This loosens up our view of ourselves, rendering them a bit more uncertain; however, if the description is more accurate, it should thereby make things more manageable.

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