cleaning things up

Yesterday was a bit of a downer, all of those little happenings that added up to a decent serving of sadness. So, after a good night’s recovery, i decided to clean my life up a little bit and vacuumed my room, did my laundry and washed my sink out. I even hit on the idea of hanging my socks up by pairs rather than wait until they were dry to try and match them up.

Even though nothing really changed as far as the structure of my life is concerned, this little vicarious cleaning excerzise did help put me back into a good mood, one where my life seems more organized and thus manageable.

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2 Comments to “cleaning things up”

  1. The sorting and managing of the natural and ordinary things in our environment, is a therapeutic way of organizing the mind… I shall try and hang my socks in order rather than randomly the next time…and put to the test your theory! Could it be that ordering the things in the natural makes sense of the ordinary and gives one hope for better future?

  2. Reflections form another angle – Therapy That Keeps On the Sunny Side of Life* This article will be available to non-subscribers of the Online Journal for up to seven days after it is e-mailed.
    Now a small but increasing number of therapists are employing an emerging discipline known as “positive psychology.” The treatment focuses primarily on the affirmative aspects of a patient’s life with the goal of helping them feel more optimistic and fulfilled.
    The new techniques often involve assessing a patient’s strengths, such as creativity or humor, and implementing them in everyday life. The result can be small actions like taking a class or larger decisions like changing jobs. The positive approach is being used with everyone from depressed patients and anorexics to disaster victims and veterans returning from war with post-traumatic stress disorder. Increasingly, people who have no mental illness or disorder — who function well but simply want to function better — are giving the upbeat method a try.

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