good coffee

My neighbor brought me a cup of coffee just now with a spoon in it. Assuming the spoon meant that he had added sugar, i stirred and then took a sip. The coffee was excellent, actually much better than any i’ve had in the last few days. Obviously, he had gotten the quantity of grounds and then the sugar just right. Wonderful coffee. Only then did i notice, just before my ante-penultimate sip, that the liquid appeared unusually light brown: he had put milk in it! Being a black coffee kind of guy, i quickly revised my opinion and the coffee stopped tasting all that good: it had suddenly become too creamy and sweet.

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4 Comments to “good coffee”

  1. Yeah. Just goes to show you. To really enjoy anything, you can’t look too deep into the cup.

  2. Sorry for being that impolite, but next time you’ll get a excellent BGTF. “What’s a BGTF?”, in order to anticipate your next question I’ll give you an explanation: that’s the latest coffee fad at Starbucks. It’s a shortcut for “Blueberry Green Tea Frappuccino”. But the last word gives evidence to suggest that there’ll be milk in it. And for a black coffee kind of guy like you, that kind of coffe would suck. To make a compromise: let’s order a Chai (Tea) in the internet. Cheers!

  3. Of course, i was not trying to complain about the coffee – i was rather making the point (w/o stating it, admittedly) that my sense of taste was actually changed by a cognitive process: i decided not to like the coffee because i don’t want to like milk in my coffee. I find it interesting that i have that much (involuntary?) control over myself.

  4. Aye, aye Michael! I can understand your intention of this entry totally! But next time there won’t be a neighbor with a creamy and delicious cup of Lavazza espresso. Evolution rules!

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