stepping back from life

sometimes we just need to step back from our own hustle and bustle and precisely not ‘just get on with life’:

One of my little indulgences is to take a little quiet time to just sit down and watch the day as it unfolds before me. I don’t mean to ponder and reflect on what is going on, but to simply stop and watch life as it is happens, just as we would a play at the theatre. I have a favourite place I go to do this – atop a steep hill near my home. From the summit I can see the City of Sheffield nestling in the foothills of the Derbyshire mountains, with the M1 motorway that takes you there running along the valley bottom below.

more at life 2.0. This is an activity that comes in many flavours, the most structured type probably being transcendental meditation. Some suggest that you simply take 5 minutes a day to stand in a corner and think about your breathing. I am not sure exactly why this helps, but i will try again for a week or two and see. I think i’ll go with the 5 minutes cross-legged on the floor version for starters.


2 Comments to “stepping back from life”

  1. well, i think i went for the 15-minute-nap version today. does that count?

  2. i’ve done ‘real’ meditation for about three days now. Afternoons seems to be best: once i’ve worked up some stress to get rid of. The hardest part is not thinking about anything. concentrating on my thinking certainly helps, but i’ve found that mouthing/whispering an ‘om’ even works better because it replaces my other thoughts rather than simply ignore them. (i wouldn’t suggest christianizing the idea and replace the ‘om’ with ‘jesus’ as the latter has much too much content and would get you thinking about … well jesus).
    It is the not thinking that seems to be the crucial element of the meditation. It is not only that it relaxes and clears out the head, but it somehow puts things back into place. While and after meditating everything looses on importance … everything except living itself. More later.

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