Some people do not seem to have a hard time deciding what to do next. Others are plagued with doubt, second thoughts and plain good old uncertainty. I do not know why this is so. For the time being i would, however, rather answer another question, namely: How should the undecided go about deciding?

Take the hardest cases, the big, life-changing decisions. I think most people tend to follow what everyone else they know (and like) does. In terms of goals, they decide according to the goals current in their milieu. In a sense, they are deciding to do what the fewest people around them will object to: they are minimizing the amount of explaining they will have to do. Seen from a different perspective, they are just doing what they feel like doing, and if they’re unsure, they just mull over it until their feelings fall into place and they just know what to do. Or else they just do it and get used to the new situation (those are the hurried people).

But what to do if one has no milieu? What should one do if one precisely doesn’t want to follow the crowd (off the cliff)? In the end one does have to settle for what feels right. That’s just how human beings are wired. But if nothing feels right, how do you figure out which possibility feels the less not-right?

A good stoic or daoist would say, it doesn’t really matter and a christian would add (among other less interesting things) that you just have to make the best of the final situation, whatever you do decide. This is certainly my default position. What are other options?

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3 Comments to “decisions”

  1. Polaroid has a slogan for you: it’s so simple
    Nike: just do it!
    Coca-Cola : always Coca-Cola
    yet still Burger king: have it your way
    to be more comprehensive, watch your TV!!! and if you don’t have one, the decision is then to BUY one.

  2. ok. i meant worthwhile options 🙂

  3. A good Daoist would say doing what feels right is the right decision… if one listens to the Dao (not Dow). If one doesn’t know what feels right, perhaps it is because one hasn’t absorbed enough information about the situation and/or is not listening…

    One right decision leads one to another decision… when one missteps, one can readjust…

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