meditationMeditating (in the form of a quietly sitting cross-legged upon my chair and trying hopelessly to think about nothing much) helps reboot the mind. The hardest part is, clearly, to stop thinking; the best means found over the past few millennia seems to be to think about your breathing – ie about a simple and ever repeating activity. At one level, the no thought mode seems to simply allow you to start a ‘fresh’ train of thought that will not stop itself until your next meditation session.

Naturally, meditation does a bit more than simply turn the page in your personal mental diary. The attempt to not think forces you to move back a step from yourself and from your body (ie your place in the world). I find it useful to try to picture my own body meditating. This is not in order to “separate my soul from my body and go wandering around in spiritual space”, it seems to rather serve a much more prosaic and practical purpose, namely to remind me of two things:

  1. it is not ‘me against the world’. A combative attitude doesn’t accomplish much at all, except to generate unnecessary stress. I am not a separate entity from the world, but a part of the world, and i should work with it, not against it.
  2. do not worry. There is always a good solution to every problem i will ever encounter. And nothing is, in the end, all that important.

I do not meditate every day, but only when i feel the need to (when i feel lost and stressed). Getting past the first (20?) minutes of slowly slowing thoughts is real tough, and i don’t always make it that far. But when i do, a “peace that passes understanding” gradually creeps up on me and i become in some very simple way … happy.

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