my very own psychological theory

Over the past few days i’ve been trying to formulate a personal psychological theory. So far it runs something like this:

People (or at least myself) are made up of a multitude of different emotions, desires, virtues, vices, etc. that at different points in time coalesce into one or more characters or personae under the influence of their then current environment. That is, in certain situations my ‘french’ or ‘american’ characters will show up or perhaps it will be my ‘philsopher’ or my ‘computer programmer’ personae that will be called forth by specific events. When more than one character is called forth and the two or more of them can’t quite agree on something, then a third more objective characters also appears (the one that calls itself ‘me’) and tries to resolve the problem between the philosopher who only wants to write a great and famous philosophical work and the computer programmer who can’t concentrate on the book anymore and who wants to just work a good old-fashioned real job. When the problem is resolved, all three characters fade back into the background of my mind and my standard, mostly unconscious self gets me back to doing whatever it is i was doing or just now decided to do.

I realize that, naturally, things aren’t quite that simple. Namely, the decisions i arrive at by finding a just compromise between my multiple characters do not actually stand all that long before a mood swing throws them out and i have to start all over again. The biggest problem is dealing with these mood swings (they remind me of Kierkegaard’s aesthete who is suddenly, but ever so briefly enthralled with perpetually shifting interests). I could, of course ignore them, but that would not be a solution. I could also try to minimize them, but that doesn’t seem to work too well. Or, i could try to discern their general direction (a moody moving average) and ignore the day-to-day jumps. That is what i’ve been doing of late, but it is certainly no more than a stop-gap measure that desperately needs an upgrade.

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