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December 9, 2006

leaving germany

The time has come when i must get myself on the move again. My feet are itching and my head swaying forward, towards something else, something different and somewhere far away. So i’ll be leaving germany behind and heading off to india, to kolkata precisely. Deep musings on the essence of germans and germany shall have to wait a while until i get a little perspective, but as a last word before leaving i would nevertheless like to say this.

I was not actually in germany these last three years, but in swabia. This is a german region where swabian is spocken, swabian is eaten and swabian is a way of life. Their entire metaphysical system has been summed up by the great swabian PR department in a grand advertising scheme claiming that “We can do everything, except speak high german”:

wir koennen alles, ausser hochdeutch

The ad is obviously not aimed at anyone else but the swabians themselves, a sort of pat on one’s own big, thick and sturdy back. I can’t quite say it’s entirely wrong; but people don’t say such things! God bless the swabians! – even though they don’t really need it 🙂