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I spent saturday and sunday visiting the Ramakrishna Mission down town and having a picnic at the water treatment plant (which was, contrarily to what you are thinking right now, dear reader, quite a nice and restful place). Of course i did my best to immortalize all this with my handy little Sony Ericsson 2 MPixels cell phone.

The Ramakrishna Mission is one of these particularly indian institutions, which easily and calmly baffle the western mind. It is an ashram, ie a not-for-profit institution dedicated to furthering the teachings of a specific philosopher/religious leader (the distinction between philosophy and theology is not really relevant on the sub-continent – but (much) more on that in a later post). The mission has a wonderful library to which i was not granted access for lack of two postage stamp-sized pictures of myself. The small museum was offered as a suitable ersatz. Assuming that indian IP law with respect to museum exhibitions follows the laudable precedent set by the pharmaceutical industry in this non-aligned nation, and decisively strengthened in my presupposition by the lack of curators or any other human beings in my vincinity, i allowed my little camera to do a little bit of what it was meant to do:

From India

The second series of pictures documents my sunday outing to the Indira Gandhi Water Treatment Plant (warning: very boring link) where a friendly family invited me to spend the day with their friendly mathematician friends of 30-odd years. Time went by at just the right speed, allowing for tea, breakfast (@12.00), the singing of bengali & english (sound of music) songs, the tiniest little bit of dancing, badminton, dinner, tea, the lodging of the badminton shuttle in a spider web up high between two tree branches & the final retrieval of the shuttle after much throwing of stones, sticks and selves.

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