The brand new gas regulator on my one burner stove leaks less than the old one, so that i’ve been able to indulge my educated palate with light and smooth darjeeling tea for a few days now. This morning i purchased a loaf of (best quality) white bread, four bananas, three deep-red carrots, two handfuls of green beans, a dozen eggs with sundry black and brown markings upon them and four ramen maggi noodle soups. As soon as i locate a plate, fork and knife i shall boil two of the eggs, unpack my two-in-one salt shaker/pepper grinder which i received for xmas, toast the bread and eat my first breakfast meal of eggs on toast, which i expect to become a staple of my expatriate diet.

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3 Comments to “breakfast”

  1. Don’t be afraid to try some Indian food too. =P

  2. oh, i’ve been on a one month-long diet of veg-only marwari food (w/ the occasional bengali meal thrown in and one KFC) and the oil and lack of ANY variety has been getting to my digestive system, so i’ve resorted to the world-traveller’s tested and true strategy of eating ‘normal’ breakfasts so as to coax my system into accepting everything else that will be thrown at it during the course of the day… Btw: roti and nan bread are the awesomest, it’s just the chutney….

  3. Roti is quite delicious, but I hope you do get to enjoy food from the various states in India: it differs everywhere you go.

    Good luck! =]

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