bits and pieces gleaned from a lazy sunday spent on the roof

me: it will be a long time before that happens.
my venerable companion: no, not a long time … it depends.

Later in the day i learnt that throughout the entire indian sub-continent (as in the rest of the world, one might add) dogs and cats do not quite get along: but not in Kolkata! This astonishing observation can probably be linked to the fact that stray dogs in this city spend most of their days lazily napping on the side or in the middle of dirt roads – a most feline behaviour, the origins of which remain shrouded in the city’s impenetrable smog.

Speaking of which, it might interest the odd reader to know that the kolkatan sun does not set into the horizon, as one might have expected of it, but well before, gradually disappearing into the thick, milky air that holds earth and sky together around these parts.

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One Comment to “bits and pieces gleaned from a lazy sunday spent on the roof”

  1. Sunset is the most enchanting site in any city where spending some time with nature is concerned.

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