Nightshift in the Automart

A cute and short (10 mins) PodCast from EscapePod obout the Goddess Kali herself. The story is was written by Andrew Gudgel and is read by Jared Axelrod. Mouthwatering excerpt:

The doors whooshed open and the Goddess Kali strode up to the counter. She stopped in front of him, grinning wickedly. Straight platinum-blonde hair spilled down over her shoulders and high bare breasts, contrasting with her inky black skin. Jeremy noticed a necklace of tiny, perfectly-formed ceramic skulls hung around her neck.
“Hi, Jeremy.”
“‘Lo, Suzy.”
The Goddess Kali’s eyes flashed red with anger. “Don’t call me that!” Behind her, a whole pantheon wandered the aisles, looking for late-night snacks.

For those requiring visual aids, below is the beautiful Kali atop Shiva. Here you will also find Hannuman (one of those so-so gods) and Vishnu (real cute god).




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