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Following St. Ambrose’s wise suggestion, should you ever find yourself in rome to do as the romans do, i decided, being in india, that i absolutely had to create an Orkut profile. I’ve never been very fond of these social networking sites and never could get myself to sign up on Myspace all this time. So this was a big leap into the water, though google water. Well i’ll be darned, but it actually worked and i met up with someone i had met somewhere and we wasted an almost reasonable portion of our evening chatting. So now we’re Orkut Friends and i might even manage to find a decent movie theatre after all!

On the heels of that great experience i went so far as to add a Meebo widget to this very blog so that you can chat with me should you visit my blog while im online (ie not sleeping).

On another note: when proudly eating fresh vegetable-enhanced ramen noodle soup with chop sticks, try to avoid using those small, round and slippery green members of the above mentioned food group, which, by the way, still come in pods in india.

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