online democracy

I have been pondering of late the possibility of a new type of website, something that would operationalize the process of governing small political or social goups, clubs or any form of organization. The website would allow you to create a new group and supply this group with a blog, wikis, emails etc. The primary feature of the site would be that no one person would be in charge of managing the group, but all management decisions (admitting new members, removing undesirable members, appointing officers, representatives, collecting dues) would be taken through online votes: anyone could submit a predefined type of action (ban user soandso) and if enough members voted in favour, the system would automatically implement the decision (blocking soandso from the group next time s/he logged in).

I’ve posted a somewhat more complete description here. Now all i need to do is find some way of making this happen, should it prove to be a good idea…


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