PZ on Deepak

The revered, yet contumelious, blogger over at Pharyngula has rejoiced, yea gloated, of late at the non-existence of one Deepak Chopra of deep mystical fame. I do not wish to berate this esteemed lover of cephalopods, nor cast any doubt on the human value of his rantings and ravings against religious stupidity, bigotry, double-facedness, conservatism, anti-evilutionnariness and plain silliness. I too, wish to place upon this well screwed-on minnesotan head the laurels of biological enlightenment (i guess those should be green suspicious-looking and flashig LED laurels).

Yet, not having read a book of the aforementioned accused, i did chance upon an article of his in the Sunday Times of India today. And i must admit that for all the commotion in the atheist camp, the poor guy is just trying to get people to be happy and live at peace with one another. He may spout a rather complicated – and free-floating – framework of metaphysical elucubrations, but i don’t see how this is much more dangerous than labelling our genes ‘sorta’ selfish and then telling us to be nice anyway as some zoologists have … But hey, i almost went to UofM Morris!


2 Responses to “PZ on Deepak”

  1. Well said, my good man !


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