calcutta traffic

Gaunt cows might aimlessly wander down the middle of busy streets; you might at all times risk loosing your arm to a passing semi-truck while sitting atop 10 centimeters of wooden plank, holding on to the frame of a doorless auto-rickshaw; you might even breathe in black exhaust at every sudden stop; cars will sneak up on you in the dead of the night and blare their horns to the sudden detriment of your cardiac tranquility; the bus-roofs might ungently caress your foreign head with their low-hanging wooden ribs; and the single-line underground railway’s wagons might smack of something horribly reminiscent of Brejnev-era technology; but all quips & quibbles are readily forgotten, yea forgiven, when you notice a silent Charlie Chaplin staggering his way across the Calcutta Metro’s hanging TVs.


6 Comments to “calcutta traffic”

  1. Nice Poem.

    Is the new banner backdrop by Klee? … or, is it early Mondrian?

  2. yep, Mondrian (don’t tell MoMA).

  3. Why would I tell The Matadors of Mondovia Association?

  4. no, no. i was thinking of the Mississippi Osteopathic Medical Association!?

  5. Of course! … silly me.
    But, I still don’t see why they’d care if you heisted a Mondrian. Do they have the original in one of their waiting rooms?

  6. Oh, what a familiar scene…

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