anti-abortion clinics and government

The L.A. Times reports on states in the USA funding anti-abortion counseling centers. Liberals are sure to be up in arms about this, but i’m not too sure what to think. On the one hand, i’d prefer the state stay out of the whole thing, either funding abortion-providing hospitals or anti-abortion counseling centers. Yet if they are going to do the one, i don’t see why we should bar them from funding the other. In the end, the state is giving voters what they are asking for, and there are certainly a number of voters asking for the counseling. Of course, i am deliberately ignoring the fact that religion gets mixed up in this, but again it is to be found on both sides of the divide. Excerpt:

At least eight states — including Florida, Missouri and Pennsylvania — use public funds to subsidize crisis pregnancy centers, Christian homes for unwed mothers and other programs explicitly designed to steer women away from abortion. As a condition of the grants, counselors are often barred from referring women to any clinic that provides abortions; in some cases, they may not discuss contraception either.

Most states still spend far more money subsidizing comprehensive family planning, but the flow of tax dollars to antiabortion groups has surged in recent months, as programs have taken effect in Texas and Minnesota.

The trend alarms abortion-rights supporters, who assert that the funds would be better spent — and would prevent more abortions — if used to expand access to birth control. But to antiabortion activists such as Nancy McDonald, the funding is both practical and symbolic, a way of putting the state’s stamp of approval on their work.


One Comment to “anti-abortion clinics and government”

  1. World estimations of the number of terminations carried out each year is somewhere between 20 and 88 million.(likely 55 to 60)

    Over 3,500 per day / Over 1.3 million per year in America alone.

    50% of that 1.3 million claimed failed birth control was to blame.

    A further 48% had failed to use any birth control at all.

    And 2% had medical reasons.

    That means a staggering 98% of unwanted pregnancies may have been avoided had an effective birth control been used.

    People should be able to choose to use birth control,
    so as to avoid having to make another choice.

    I’d like to see effective birth control made available to all who can’t afford it.


    Implanon is new to the US but has been widely used in Aus for about five years.
    The only bad report iv’e heard is if your a smoker you can’t use them due to increased risk of cardiovascular conditions.
    Good incentive to give the cigs a miss…………
    any way my daughter has one, and no problems,
    no pills to remember,and she is protected from unwanted pregnancies for three years.

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