are blogs still being blocked in india?!

i’ve been trying for a number of weeks to access and any typepad blog from kolkata, india without any success beyond the “Problem loading page” white-screen-of-death. Going thru the latest proxy servers, however, does work – for about a day. So are indian ISPs blocking academic philosophy blogs now? after all that happened last year? wtf?

Which brings me to a tiny little political philosophical musing: i know that democracies do at times ban free speech. The europeans have been at it for some time regulating talk of the mess they made two generations ago. But is that not technically a dictatorship of the majority, ie a majority (let’s assume, for the purpose of argument, the unlikely fact that the lawmakers actually are representing the opinion of a majority of the population) infringing upon a minority’s right to speak, or in the case of india, to know? Talking about banning YouTube videos of pole-dancing gandhies is plain stupid. Blocking blogs – even nazi or philosophical blogs – doesn’t seem much less of a dangerous venture as far as the long term well being of a democracy is concerned.

Yet i understand that you cannot make an omelet without breaking any eggs, as the french will say; and some restrictions on free speech might be necessary to maintain the rest of our speeches free. But for one, i really don’t see any restrictions that might actually have that beneficial effect (ideas anyone?), and secondly, not my favourite philosophy blogs! please!

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2 Comments to “are blogs still being blocked in india?!”

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