CNN interviews the world’s most prominent atheist

CNN just interviewed Richard Dawkins as “one of the world’s most prominent atheists”.  And then they set a panel up so that the atheists could get the same airtime as the atheist-hating christians had the previous week in a very dispicable panel that bashed atheists without a single atheist on the set to defend atheism.

A careful and eloquent Dawkins in the interview: “[atheists] are just people who hold a different belief system” … and they are “very gentle people”. He does not understand why anyone should be afraid of them. After all, atheists don’t “threaten to fly airplanes into skyscrapers”! Yes! Preach it brother!

“If you are religious … you don’t live this life to the full because you think you are going to get another one. That’s an awfully negative way to live a life. Being an atheist frees you up to live this life properly, happily and fully.”

Here too i must completely agree with Dawkins. It is the metaphysical after-life apparatus permetaing religion that is responsible – to some extent, though not entirely by any means – for the violence that is committed in the name of religion. There is also poverty, despair & bullying by brainless superpowers to account for; but ideas about a heavenly reward for doing evil (and that includes both flying planes into buildings AND dropping bombs from planes) are most certainly a powerful catalyst in this explosive reaction.

But that doesn’t mean we need to all convert to atheism to become good and happy people! It only means we need to get rid of the myths and other tainted metaphors of our old religions and start afresh. Because after all, atheism itself is just a “different belief system”.


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