abortion and religion in the world (google trends)

Google trends is dangerously interesting, a potential source of hours of wasted time. Beware! However, it is also a source of very interesting, though difficult to interpret data. Here are three graphs that display searches for “abortion” vs. searches for “religion” in the USA, France and India:

abortion vs religion in the USA

Figure 1 – abortion vs. religion in the usa

avortement vs religion in france

Figure 2 – avortement vs religion in france

abortion vs religion in india

Figure 3 – abortion vs religion in india

What does this mean? I interpret it as signifying that, in the USA, religion and abortion are very closely tied in peoples’ minds, ie that abortion is a religious concept or problem. In france, however, (germany looks the same) people do not think of the two concepts together: abortion is a secular problem. India only seems to have aquired the word in the first quarter of 2005! (I assume this is a google problem. Or does someone know of an indian explanation?)

Of course, it could also mean that abortion is simply not a problem (anymore) in western europe. Now i could spend some more time figuring out a search that would verify that last claim… All in all, a very interesting waste of time!

UPDATE:  looking at the usa and french graphs side by side, i think that we can easily answer my last remark: france and the usa have just about exactly the same religion trends, but in comparison the the usa, the french abortion trend is dead flat (semi-intentional pun, of very poor taste i might add). This would mean that abortion is no longer an issue in france but still is in the us, which, of course, is a platitude.


3 Responses to “abortion and religion in the world (google trends)”

  1. In US, abortion is very much connected to religion, you can have a look at this

    In India, we have not reached that situation but will, very soon


  2. I believe that’s flaw in google trends. Even that big drop in 2004 for “religion” is also weired. I think in hindu culture “abortion” isn’t connected to religion. Althoug there is a muslim minority which is against abortion and connect it with religion.


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