Glorifying Terrorism

From BoingBoing:

Glorifying Terrorism is a new anthology of short stories by British SF authorsglorifying terrorism in praise of “terrorism” — from Nelson Mandela on. The anthology, edited by Farah Mendelsohn, was inspired by a ridiculous British law that makes it a crime to “glorify terrorism” in Britain — an effort by Parliament to save the British democracy by destroying freedom of expression. An all-star cast of writers fill out this book, from Charlie Stross and Suzette Hayden Elgin to Ken MacLeod and Jo Walton. These are some of my favorite writers in the world, risking arrest to make the case for a truly free Britain. Rather than mouthing empty platitudes about freedom, these writers are actually living free. Bravo. Link

There are obviously two ways of doing this: the right way – showing situations where violence was the lesser evil; and the wrong way – making fear into a good thing. The former is an attempt to redefind the etymological meaning of terrorism, the latter is plain evil. Of course, the book might also just be an in-your-face free-speach act over and against the british government, a proof-of-concept for the for the first way suggested above, i suppose.


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