agnosticism, socrates and mark vernon

Mark Vernon is a man after my own heart! As an ex-priest, he pleads against both atheism and theism in favour of agnosticism. He prefers the “religiously-inclined” and ethically-minded version of Socrates that is more prone to ask questions than to state answers.

I lost my faith, though it felt like a liberation. But then, something else unexpected happened. I found I was actually becoming an agnostic. Over time, I came to feel that the triumphalism that too often seems to be part and parcel of atheism entails a poverty of spirit that is detrimental to our humanity. It tends to ignore or ridicule the “big” questions of life – those questions of existence that are natural to ask, if never finding conclusive answers – for fear of letting theology in through the back door. Plus, I came to think that whether or not God exists is an open question, having pondered the arguments for and against several times over. And that keeping it open, rather than trying to find a knockout blow one way or another, is key. This is because, for all religion’s ills, for all its irrationality, religious traditions preserve a way of life that human beings are the poorer without.


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