mercenaries in iraq

Via 3QD, from the Nation, Jeremy Scahill offers a YouTube version of his new book on US military contractors, primarily Blackwater. The most disturbing bit was the very last segment about these mercenaries showing up in american cities – though objectively that is just as bad as them killing people in Irak. Filed under Ethics.

The main problem, as i see it, is not so much the privatisation of the war, but the fact that these private companies are not (at all) accountable to congress for what they do. If the administration had to report on them too to lawmakers, then much of the moral laxity of the situation would be alieviated. After all, mercenaries are people who do war (ie kill people) for money – and that is what normal american soldiers do too; or am i missing a gigantic distinction here? I guess all i want is for mercenaries to be regulated…


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