france and multiculturalism

something else the ‘french’ are doing right:

With French long engaged in a losing battle against English around the world, a new way of fighting back has been proposed by a multinational group of authors who write in French: Uncouple the language from France and turn French literature into “world literature” written in French.

For guardians of the language of Molière, Voltaire and Victor Hugo, this is tantamount to subversion.

But the 44 signatories of a manifesto published in the newspaper Le Monde this month are in a rebellious mood. They argue that it is time for the French to stop looking down on francophone authors, as foreigners writing in French are known, because these very novelists – many, but not all, from former French colonies – hold the key to energizing French literature.

For this, they say, French must be freed from “its exclusive pact” with France.

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