defining atheism

Simen at Import Mind.Reason:

Most of them [atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, naturalists, brights, skeptics and most secular humanists] would probably fit under my definition for atheism, but I don’t think evangelizing atheism per se is a good idea. We don’t want people to reject theism because they hate religion, but rather because they think atheism is more reasonable. We should show atheism as the logical conclusion of the employment of reason and science to the question of God’s existence, and instead of promoting atheism we should promote these tools. Atheism should only be the result of these tools. I don’t want to be associated with the dogmatists, those who choose one position over the other not because of reason and science but because of irrational faith or red herrings, and neither should we be. I’d much rather have a world full of convinced theists who do value reason and science than a world full of convinced atheists who don’t.


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