kant on morality lol

this was too good to pass up (and it’s not all wrong either):

Kant’s take on morality can be explained by using five things (in themselves?): a person (consciousness and body); temptation (illusion, desire, maya); that person’s karma (all the things that person does, his actions and the guilt afterwards); one invisible rainbow with a pot of gold (white fluffy clouds, freedom from pain, all you can eat taco bar)(pick your pleasure) at one end and boiling oil (or fire and brimstone) at the other, and an also invisible leprechaun (or green alien with purple space helmet).

So we’ve got a person, we’ll call him Manny; Manny is a thinking being and the thoughts he can have are based on appearances or phenomena. Those thoughts about phenomena are also appearances or each one is an experience of a phenomenon and therefore phenomenal. Manny is a good Christian, protestant of course (like Kant), and because of that, he is forever guilty for having succumbed to temptation, and each thought he has is because he was tempted to have it. Now comes the fun part–there is an invisible leprechaun that exists as a part of Manny, but this part of him can never be experienced or be an appearance, hence Larry the Leprechaun is non-phenomenal or a noumenon. Larry is inaccessible to human knowledge, but he does have access to an invisible rainbow that also is inaccessible to any thinking being on this planet. Every time Manny acts upon his temptation, either to do good or evil, or somewhere in between, Larry the Leprechaun adjusts where he is standing on the rainbow, moving ever so slightly towards the pot of gold if Manny was tempted to do good, and maybe not quite so slightly towards the pot of boiling oil, if Manny was tempted to do evil.


3 Comments to “kant on morality lol”

  1. Thank you so much for explaining Kant to me in a way I can appreciate. Not only do I now know better the difference between good and evil, but I know that leprechauns do, in fact, exist. I will now correct the gross error I’ve made teaching my children otherwise.

  2. Totally unrelated, but I’ve chosen you for the “Thinking Blogger Award” meme.

  3. oh thanks. i do appreciate that. so what are my odds? 🙂

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