scientific doomsday scenarios!

There is a lot of talk and writing going around about a very, say, difficult future just around the corner. Of course, there is the in the process of being finalized Report on Climate Change (actually: Global Warming!!). And now i have just read over at 3QD that a bunch of people are publishing books about diverse impending dooms, be they ecological, economic or cultural (good bye, Western Civilization).

The Climate Change Report is of utmost importance. I am a bit more wary of the other forecasted futures, which i have not read. However, what interests me is that our scientists have suddenly replaced our theologians as our preferred purveyors of terrible future scenarios – that is, the scientists are writing our eschatologies and Books of Revelation. Of course, the new apocalypses were not written by an old man stranded upon a lonely greek island but by very sizable and credible committees of very knowledgeable people.

This obviously means two things:

(1) old-time soothsayers have hard times ahead;

(2) one more important feature of traditional religion (The Future) is passing into the hands of science;

(2.5) science is that much closer to telling us what we ought to do (this is a conditional, and thus not quite a moral, ought since the number crunchers do humbly add: “if you want to stay alive” to their suggestions);

(2.9) science is sounding more and more like our only hope (now, who got us into this over-heated mess in the first place…?)

(2.99) perhaps religion will wake up, one-up the scientists, and start preaching:

“Happy are those who lower their energy consumption;
the future belongs to them!
Happy are those who mourn the forests;
clean air will comfort them!
Happy are those whose greatest desire is to recycle;
with little they will be fully satisfied!
Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what reason requires;
they will not overheat!”

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