second-hand knowledge of kolkata, india

my sister writes me that upon informing one of her indian clients of her upcoming trip to (visit me in) india she was immediately informed: “kolkata, that’s a horrible place to go.  india is not at all like that!”

my non-bengali colleague here claims that 30% of people living in kolkata actually like living here, which leaves 70% on the other side of happiness.

this same person also informed me that one of his taxi drivers once blurted out with heartfelt feeling something along the lines of: “all of the people i’ve ever driven around kolkata have always said: “what a horrible place! this is the worst city in the world!””

umm … well … no comment.


4 Comments to “second-hand knowledge of kolkata, india”


    First it was Mother Teresa, next it was Dominique Lapierre,
    who only brought Kolkata’s poverty to the world’s attention,
    without giving an explanation
    how and why Kolkata has this large population of homeless people.

    Neither did they want to portray the ‘non-horrible’ aspects, in case it diluted the picture they wanted the world to see.

    Where they left off, the ‘non-bengalies’ have picked up. It has become fashionable to call Kolkata horrible.
    There are places truly ‘horrible’ all over India, but are conveniently hidden under the “Kolkata is horrible” guise.

  2. Kolkata is one the horrible city there is no doubt about it. General population is just too lazy to do any thing on their own. They lack any self-respect and are pathogenic liars. This leaves room for the oppotunistic migrant business class from western part of India.

    These people thrives in the city. These people have very low regards for ethical dealing. To add this moribond situation the city is also governed by autocratic, arrogant, barbaric bunch of people.

    The unethical business class has found their heaven in the political mafia that is present in West Bengal.

    When you come in Kolkata, the sight of rampant exploitation in every form hits you. But then some how like maggots, people thrive here and life goes on.

  3. The author above describes the general population of Kolkata as
    too lazy
    lack self respect
    pathogenic liars
    low regards for ethical dealing
    No other place in the rest of India
    or for that matter, the rest of the world has seen anything like it.

    If you wanted any proof of what I had written, you have it from the comment above.

  4. One has forgotten to mention the Marwaris whose obnoxious ways have made the city even more unattractive.

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