humean catholic jokes

Let it not be said that philosophers lack a sense of humor, nor that they write boring books. Here is David Hume telling a joke about the roman catholic doctrine of real presence (from chapter XII of his Natural History of Religion, 1757):

I believe, indeed, that there is no tenet in all paganism which would give so fair a scope to ridicule as this of the real presence. For it is so absurd, that it eludes the force of all argument. There are even some pleasant stories of that kind, which, though somewhat profane, are commonly told by the Catholics themselves. One day, a priest, it is said, gave inadvertently, instead of the sacrament, a counter, which had by accident fallen among the holy wafers. The communicant waited patiently for some time, expecting it would dissolve on his tongue; but finding that it still remained entire, he took it off. “I wish,” cried he to the priest, “you have not committed some mistake. I wish you have not given me God the Father: He is so hard and tough there is no swallowing him.”


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