scientists and faith

Alonzo Fyfe wonders about scientists waxing eloquent (pro and con) about faith:

It would be quite interesting, I think, if the scientific-minded people in this dispute were to actually call forth their expertise to look for the evidence for and against their various positions and examine that evidence critically, just as they would do so for a paper written in their chosen professions.

Very true. But what if those scientists didn’t only try to justify their positions for or against faith, but actually investigated the matter at hand? They might find out that faith is not quite what meets the eye: and figure out how to “fix” faith-related problems, or discover that it isn’t faith after all that is causing the problems, but some co-occurrent “something”. If only the scientists would stop preaching about religion and start studying it!

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5 Comments to “scientists and faith”

  1. Newton and Einstein were supposedly men of faith, and they were both pissed-off that the conclusions derived from their works went against their beliefs. Nobody’s perfect!

  2. Hi, Im from Melbourne Australia.
    Please check out this unique understanding of the far reaching cultural implications of Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2


    Plus related references on religion, science and culture.


  3. I definitely agree that scientist outside the field of “science” should at least figure out the true meaning that is faith instead of automatically assuming that it is nothing but a cult that believes in ridiculousness… a man names Lee Strobel was one of these intellectuals who ACTUALLY dived into finding out the truth on Christianity through roman documentation, science theories of laws and historical data without hearing it from someone, but on his own terms… and by the end of it all, one of the biggest named Atheists gave their life to the Lord Jesus Christ because he found wayyy too much evident information that leaned towards Christianity actually being true.

  4. avyjonsay – i had actually biological / psychological research in mind, but historical is also valid! Though i’m not sure that all scientists looking into the nature of faith will convert to christianity… but at least they’ll bash it with more care 🙂

  5. What scientists are really good at is arguing about details, so I think the experiment would end with everyone just as confused and not in agreement as before.. 🙂

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