experimental ethics: a first experiment

Searching for a new way of “doing” ethics and religion, i’ve decided to try some experimenting. So here goes my first “ethical experiement”:

For the next two weeks (9.11.2007 – 23.11.2007) i will be conducting the first stage of an experiment on meditation. The first stage will be exploratory and therefore very simple (which simplicity is probably also important just to keep me going at it): i will be meditating in half-lotus position, eyes closed and thinking about nothing in particular/nothing for about 10 minutes every morning (i.e. sometime before lunch).

The goal is to determine (1) if this generally helps (i.e. is my life generally ‘better’ than it was in the previous weeks during which i did not meditate?) and if so (2) what specific aspects seems to help / hinder most.

This experiment will then (inshallah) be followed by others that will attempt to tweak it for the better. I will be updating this blog over the weeks to keep track of my impressions and progress. wish me luck.


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