a new blog is born, a new waste of (my) time is given

so, for lack of any academic enthusiasm towards my thesis, i’ve gone and created my second blog, called teh art of teh emailz, which deals primarily with the art of writing emailz. do you have trouble writing emailz? do you ever wish it were easier? do u ever feel stupid? here is teh bestest site out there to guide u thru the difficult difficulties u have when trying to write awes0me emailz. promise (well i think it might be the only one out there). !!it iz going 2 b teh mostest greatestest blog of all teh internets!! please do stop by sometime. kthxbye.

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3 Comments to “a new blog is born, a new waste of (my) time is given”

  1. I do not know if you are still at Tubingen, but I have a friend who is studying for his PhD in the theology department there. It is possible, of course, that he referred you to my blog. I appreciat your comments, and have enjoyed perusing onwards and forwars.

  2. at daniel: im still in tü and it waz ur friend the culprit. he assumed my luv and respect 4 Ch. Taylor would imedialely endear ur blog 2 me. and it did. vive la théologie politique! lol

  3. m.. why this page loading so slow?

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