locavore: the newest, bestest word for the year

In our linguistics meets ethics meets the web series: Word is out on teh virtual street that “locavore” has been nominated the “word of the year” by the most respectable Oxford American Dictionary (wt r they doing in Oxford, UK writing US dictionaries?!). The LanguageLog, never at a loss for words, has a little write-up of their own on the “missing “l”” in the word (loca(l)vore).

What is a localvore? anyone who sticks to eating produce produced within 100k of their kitchen. The first four locavores the human race has known were SanFransiscan women. Of course, up until about 200 years ago, we were all locavores, we just didn’t know it! Teh Wikipedia has naturally already produced its own little article on the now famous word.

To put in a word or two myself on the matter: Locavore is one of those new ideas (heck, lets go all out and call it a meme while we’re at it) that seems to fit just right (no surprise it was initially produced in SanFran) into our new age. Not only is it an easily disseminable single word, ie a web-enabled concept, but it combines diets, health, ecology, global warming, and community all in one easy, cute and weird-sounding newfangled coinage.

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