i am a religious atheist (and so can you!)

religi0n is the new religion. Old-fashioned religion sucks. It’s broken and it doesn’t work. The fix? teh religi0n! And should u ask “Wtf is that?” i’ll say (unto u): teh religi0n pwns 4-way:

1. teh religi0n is a script: it’s the language we use to describe our lives. It’s the code that structures everything u do (and don’t do). Now it don’t no matter what script u use, if u use different ones or even mix ’em up (w00t!). All that imports is that they get the job done right, G0d or no g0d.

2. but teh religi0n must also be run. It must actually do something useful. Teh religi0n’s all that stuff u regularly do that makes ur life worth living, the sub-routines of ur existence: teh meditation, teh positive thinking, teh recycling, teh giving, teh etc.

3. and above all, teh religi0n is always changing. It’s experimental! (lol) None of this n00by ‘i know it all (my G0d pwns ur g0d)’. We try things, see if they work and throw ’em away if they don’t. Only keep the good sub-routines, but try ’em all. B cr34tive! (lol)

4. teh religi0nz are social. Religi0ners don’t do it alone: teh religi0n iz distributed. They chat and blog their way through life with the tips and tricks of the trade. Teh religi0nz are how we figure out (together and one sub-routine at a time) what iz g00d and what iz b4d.

Teh religi0n iz how we pwn teh evilz and code teh b3st. Save teh w0rld, b religi0us!


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