fighting fire with fire or how to save the world with a little widget

I have an idea (and would like to know what y’all have to say to it). It has to do with fighting evil corporations, saving the world, being green and surfing the web. How much better could it get? Here it is:

Create a widget (the little things you can put on your webpage that do cool stuff) that would either:

(a) advertise with a thick green border products that have been deemed “very environmentally friendly” (like, say, a Toyota hybrid car) ; or

(b) un-vertise with a thick red border and perhaps a slash through them products that have been deemed “very environmentally unfriendly” (like, say, the newest biggest Ford SUV).

The hope would be for this to catch on with more and more people adding the widget to their site. This wouldn’t cost them much, and might actually prove fun/trendy, but could in turn potentially cost/benefit corporations immensely. We would be encouraging people to purchase and therefore produce good stuff and avoid bad stuff. For once, it would be a valuable use of advertising!

The reasoning behind this is simple and two-fold: In the battle for a better world we need to:

(1) fight the bad guys (selfish corporations, recalcitrant governments) with their own weapons (advertisements, etc.);

(2) find ways to convert what people enjoy doing (surf the web, blog, etc.) into constructive action; instead of wasting time and effort trying to convince people to do things they really don’t like doing (giving money).

What do you say? Could it work? Are there better ways?


One Comment to “fighting fire with fire or how to save the world with a little widget”

  1. Why not!?

    Though it is only a start; like bumper-stickers calling attention to ones beliefs/preferences/worldview.

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