ethical video games

 “Doug Thomas, an associate professor at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication” is developing a game called Modern Prometheus that is supposed to teach students to think about ethics using the story of Prof. Frankenstein.

“We want them to really wrestle with doing things and ask, ‘Is it good for me, or is it good for everyone else?’ There is no right way or wrong way to play it,” he explained.

The aim, Thomas said, is for students to play the hour-long game individually, then discuss the choices they made with their teachers and classmates.

“It’s not just a game but also the conversation that happens around it,” Thomas said. “When kids play games they don’t just play them, they also talk about them with each other. There’s a huge amount of informal learning that goes on.”

How fun will these games be?  Link via Greenflame.


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