no, i will not post on the scientology story!

I might well be living in Germany where anything approaching unconventional or authoritarian is forcefully frowned upon for historical reasons that go back beyond the middle of the twentieth century no matter what you might have heard; and i might even have been to Berlin, though that was a long time ago. I might even be writing a thesis on the philosophy of religion. I might be running an ethics cum religion blog that even dabbles in science and, more importantly, has too often stooped to posting the least worthwhile junk out there on the internets. And i have never really liked Tom Cruise as an actor (except in Magnolia; his wonderful erstwhile wife, the splendiferous Nicole Kidman, is however an entirely different matter, if only for her most gigantuous performance in The Hours, though Dogville shouldn’t be left unmentioned, of course, however depressing the movie might be) and don’t really care about his religious proclivities. But i don’t know the first thing about scientology, so i’ll put an end to this post that is not about scientology, germany or the latter banning the former, or trying to, or even thinking about it.


2 Comments to “no, i will not post on the scientology story!”

  1. But… but… John Travolta is a Scientologist too, and he’s a good dancer and has his own airplane, which he flies himself!

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