weird google ad “Wittgenstein explained”

This probably belongs in the Why Oh Why Can’t We Have Better Religions category. My Gmail offered me the following ad just now:

Wittgenstein explained:

– Interpretation of Feelings – Scientific Pragmatism

which i naturally clicked on (the AdWords overloard knows me so well). First i wondered why someone would pay google to be able to explain Wittgenstein to me. Then you realize the link has nothing to do with the Austrian philosopher but is actually advertising a free book on philosophy by one Jon Hellevig, lover of Putin.

The only people paying to give out free books are usually religious as far as my experience goes. This guy seems to be advertising a philosophy though. I guess he is investing in possible future fame, whether or not he hopes to become wealthy as a result.

I don’t know about you, but i get the impression that we are in a time of searching for meaning … any meaning.

From the site:

Now I also announce my book (August 2007): All is Art. (inquiries and orders can be placed by clicking here, further information here).

All is Art is a book in two sections: On Social Practices and Interpretation of Feelings, and On Democratic Competition.
The first section of the book launches social practices and individual interpretation of feelings and language in which they are manifested as the new philosophical paradigm, the framework for all cognition. The book is devastatingly critical to the modern conception of science and instead shows how all is art, even science being but a form of art. – The presentation owes a lot to Marcel Proust’s treaties on the human nature telling how philosophy and life itself is a search for lost time, back to the roots of humanity, and that at the end of the search there is time regained, and the future.

The second section of the book discusses the essence of democracy from the point of view of this new philosophy of social practices.

more. Somehow this guy reminds me of Gregers Werle in Ibsen’s The Wild Duck.


One Comment to “weird google ad “Wittgenstein explained””

  1. Seriously I will probably pick that up now, just to see what kind of kooky stuff is on the inside.

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