wittgensteinian thoughts on religion

To answer the question: “What is religion?” ask: “What do religious people do?” or should we ask: “What do people do when they practice religion?”

What do religious people do? — They do certain things in a certain way.
What do non-religious people do? — They don’t do certain things. — Or do they do them in a different way?

What sort of things do religious people do?

The religious person points towards the solution, trying in vain to describe it.

When i think about religion, am i being religious? Can you think in religion? Can you do religion?

A: What happens when a christian converts?
B: She sees things differently and she does things differently.
A: Is that how a buddhist converts?

Why do so few people believe in hell? — Because they don’t need to.
Why do so many people believe in heaven? — Because they want to.


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