Being the world

A child sat at the window on a stormy night.
“What are you doing?” es mother asked.
“I am raining”, e replied.

You are one dimension of the world, but you can place yourself anywhere along that dimension. You can place your self in your brain, in your body, in humanity or in the world. None of those locations are wrong, though none are always right. If you are your brain, then you are also the world. But you must stop believing that you are always only your body: you are much else besides.

When your hand hurts, you can be your brain and try to ignore the pain. When others are suffering you can be humanity and help your self. And sometimes, you should also practice being the world. Because you are also the world thinking about itself. You are, in fact, the world experiencing itself.

When you hear a bird in the tree, say: i am that bird, or: i am that twittering. Say: i, the world, am singing to myself in a tree. Every now and then, practice being the world. Practice stretching your self to encompass everything; when that self snaps back a few minutes later, perhaps it will take on a slightly wider, or at least more accurate, shape.

When speaking of your self, say: i, the world.


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