The pronoun e

As the English language regrettably lacks a third person singular pronoun to designate persons of all sexes, and refusing to settle for “he or shes”, “theys” and other heavy duty work arounds, i decided to create my own such term. Seeing that all other vowels were otherwise occupied (a, I, oh, you, and why), i decided to dignify the letter e with its own purpose, especially since it is also the shared last letter of the two gendered pronouns, he and she.

I decline the pronoun following the simple rules that also apply to “it”, hence: e (subject), e (object), es (possessive) and eself (reflexive).

While i am on the subject of grammatical innovations, i will point out that i have also ceased to capitalize the letter i when used as the first person singular, since the reasons for this bombastic spelling, the alleged need to save manuscripts’ cursive i’s from disappearing into a mass of indistict humps and waves, has itself long since disappeared.


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