Preaching atheist

There was an atheist who traveled from city to city in an old beat up car with a step ladder in his trunk. He would drive to the town square and climb upon his ladder. To the passersby below him he would shout out: “There is no God! The world began with a big silent bang and one day will end in a loud crunch. The scientists have proven it. All the religions you follow were invented by human beings, they are all false! The truth is, we must learn to live without religion.” He railed against all religions, all creeds and all faiths. Men and women cried out: 
“You blaspheme!” 
“God forgive you!”, but he would simply raise his voice to cover theirs.
Then one day, when everyone had heard enough of him, they pulled him down from his ladder and began to beat him. Between the blows he cried out: “I am not afraid of dying, because i know for a fact that i will simply cease to exist. But my message, which your children have heard, will continue to spread once i am gone!”
Then someone said: “Let him go, for he has more faith than all of us.”


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