The old woman and her scroll

There once was an old woman with a very bad memory, and who from her youth had kept a detailed diary of everything she experienced. This was a curious sort of book: it unrolled like a scroll, to which she sewed new blank sheets every day before filling them with a flurry of words and arrows that inexorably advanced towards the right open edge, never bending backwards. She had moods, emotions, desires, ideas and thoughts pointing to one another, crossing paths, splitting and reuniting in a vast array of colors and sizes.

One day, as she was jotting down these movements of her mind, she got ahead of herself and started drawing out what she expected to come next. Soon, her scroll began to describe not only what lay in her mind’s immediate future, but also what she wanted to have lying ahead of her. Not surprizingly, the old woman’s well-trained mind dutifully complied, and switched to now following the paths that appeared on the map.


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