Two sisters’ secrets

Two sisters were best of friends and could spend hours late into the night discussing their loves, feelings and disappointments. Their young brother, however, would constantly eavesdrop through the door or window in order to embarass them later when dragging their secrets onto the dining table. So the two girls decided to invent a new, private language in which they could safely converse. At first, their new tongue had only a handful of words, and they couldn’t say much to one another, but over time and with effort the language grew and blossomed into something quite useful.  Soon they were safely discussing their deep inner lives once again for hours.

Either by chance or necessity, their private language turned out to be much more accurate than the English they had once used. In fact, they noticed that the more exactly one of them described a feeling or an emotion to the other, the more she too would begin to feel that same emotion. Their new sentences were so precise, and must have mirrored so closely the way the mind truly worked, that merely understanding them made them happen. A few words from one sister could turn the other’s crying into laughter or dispell an anxious mood entirely.

Without quite deciding to, both sisters began teaching not the whole language, but a few specific words and sentences to their little brother…


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