Gyges and Gollum revisited

Imagine that G., a truly selfish person, discovers a ring that renders e invisible. Now able to do whatever e wants with impunity, G. begins to steal, eavesdrop and follow every inclination of es soul, without any consideration for the social consequences of es actions. However, though powerful and wealthy, G. gradually becomes estranged from es outwitted friends and cannot help but feel waves of remorse and pity for es many victims. True to es selfish disposition, e sets out to eliminate such unpleasant feelings. So, G. now carefully prunes es deeds, eschewing any that might result in emotional discomfort and unhappiness. Over time, G. becomes so sensitive to the most minute influence upon es own happiness, that e cannot suffer anyone else around to be unhappy either. Inevitably, es cunning mind refuses to touch the magical ring except when furthering this one utterly selfish end.


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