Liberal unbelievers

The liberal unbeliever of today imposes upon eself one or more of the following food restrictions: sustainable, fair trade, organic, vegetarian, vegan or raw only. The attendant casuistry (specific good deeds) includes: reducing, reusing, recycling, polluting a strict minimum, favoring renewable energies, fighting deforestation and rampant capitalism. The soteriology is corporate, as either all people or none will be saved in the end, and based on deeds (instead of faith). The hermeneutics is scientific, the unbeliever accepting the (liberal) pronouncements of (in particular climate) scientists as true and binding. The ecclesiology encompasses the entire human race as well as all or most living things on this planet. The eschatology is pessimistic and catastrophic, believing the end times are near, namely that the world and perhaps humanity itself will soon be irremediably destroyed unless almost everyone continuously performs most of the above-mentioned good deeds.


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