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March 29, 2012

Manifold time

Do not think of your or the universe’s life as fitting atop an inexorably straight line of time, but freely imagine it instead as any number of curved trajectories, the myriad possible and truthful views of what has been, is and might happen, none of which will ever be so certain as to exclude all others. Time is neither linear nor singular; we’ve only come to perceive it as so:


March 27, 2012

Imagine time is a flawed concept.

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March 27, 2012

Impossible opposites

“A” only excludes “not A” if that concept will never prove to have been inadequate — in any other case “A and not A” might be less wrong.

March 12, 2012

Under the influence

Dawkins was having a late breakfast with his friend D. and told him about a recurring dream that had been troubling him:

I have just finished an event for my new book at a local shop and we are sitting with some friends in a pub close by when a stunningly beautiful woman walks up to our table, asking if i would sign the book she has just bought:
“I’m sorry i was late and missed your talk, but would you be so kind as to sign this for my husband? He is a great fan of yours and has faithfully read everything you’ve published. A perfectly rational and logical person — and you are his greatest influence!”
Seeing a large cross dangling from her bare neck, and perhaps because i have just downed a pint on a mostly empty stomach, i retort:
“That must make things difficult in your couple!”
Not skipping a beat, the woman invariably replies:
“Oh, not at all. We are quite happy. I always offer him just enough data for his mind to arrive at a desirable conclusion.”

March 9, 2012

Short sermon on a mount-like structure

The prophet climbed a few stairs and, turning towards the street, said:

Woe unto you scientists for your blind pride!
__You love knowledge more than life itself.
Woe unto you social activists for seeking but yesterday’s justice:
__You smother the needy with ill-conceived compassion.
Woe unto you democrats in crumbling institutions,
__for you are slaves to old & impotent ideas.
Woe unto you economists,
__for you can think of nothing better than money.

Blessed are you selfish entrepreneurs,
__for you lift up the poor without loving them.
Blessed are those who will not vote,
__for they still have hope!
Blessed are the idle,
__for they value time.
Blessed are you who still believe in some god,
__for you at least know mysteries!

March 4, 2012

The great tear

Not long before the great transformation, a prophet appeared in the city haranguing passersby: a hole has appeared in the universe and it has begun to swallow up the laws of nature! Soon, i tell you, it will reach us humans and we all will fall into it. Beware!

Our world has been torn, and from this gaping wound countless impossibilities are pouring forth, shattering everything in their wake.

Find the tear in your soul and rip it wide open — do not hesitate, for there is no other way out! I saw two women in the street: the first tried to hide the hole growing in her chest, but little by little she disappeared and then she was gone; the other began to explore and play with her hole, tugging and coaxing it ever further apart, until it seemed large enough for her to step through it.