Short sermon on a mount-like structure

The prophet climbed a few stairs and, turning towards the street, said:

Woe unto you scientists for your blind pride!
__You love knowledge more than life itself.
Woe unto you social activists for seeking but yesterday’s justice:
__You smother the needy with ill-conceived compassion.
Woe unto you democrats in crumbling institutions,
__for you are slaves to old & impotent ideas.
Woe unto you economists,
__for you can think of nothing better than money.

Blessed are you selfish entrepreneurs,
__for you lift up the poor without loving them.
Blessed are those who will not vote,
__for they still have hope!
Blessed are the idle,
__for they value time.
Blessed are you who still believe in some god,
__for you at least know mysteries!


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